Intrigued by images of fairy folk and other woodland creatures Janice has combined a lifelong interest in working with clay to sculpt these small forms. While living on Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia, Janice began experimenting with combining handbuilt clay objects and the myriad of shells and interesting pieces of wood and other debris found in the woods or on the beach. The natural beauty of the surroundings brought to mind the possibility of a multitude of fairy folk around her.

Now three decades later working in her home studio in St. Marys she brings to life unusual clay creatures for others who appreciate nature.

The figures sculpted of terra cotta clay from Lizella, Ga. are fired, stained with acrylic paint, and sealed with acrylic sealer. The colors are weather resistant so many pieces are suitable for outdoor use. Each piece is entirely handsculpted and a unique creation. They cannot be exactly duplicated since no molds are used.

The sculptures are sold at craft shows and through selected shops and galleries. Due to the fragility of the pieces few orders can be shipped. Janice asks anyone interested in inviting one of these gnomes home to their garden to visit her at Olde Towne Gallery or at one of the listed shows. Then, if you happen to see one you like, you can "catch" it before it's gone. A gnome in one's home or garden lends a touch of whimsy and sense of harmony with nature.