Natural creations in Georgia clay by Janice Kirkland, St. Marys, Georgia

In search of Wee People

Gnomes, elves, fairies, trolls, etc.

Not everyone is familiar with these co-inhabitants of our planet. Being shy and retiring by nature, and often doing their work by night in the woods or sometimes human dwellings, it is easy for human beings to overlook the wee people.

The word gnome is derived from Kuba-Walda, which means home administrator or home spirit in the ancient Germanic language.

In early times gnomes were accepted by the societies of Europe, Russia and Siberia; and, if treated well, brought rewards and were a great assistance to their benefactors.

With the increased population across the earth gnomes and their like have found it necessary to retreat farther into the corners of the world above and below ground. So well have they succeeded that many people now doubt their existence.

In an effort to save these creatures of nature we must become aware of them. Just as you become attuned to spotting deer and birds in the woods, careful observation and studying their habits may help you spot one. Janice Kirkland is assisting in the effort to reintroduce North America to these secretive creatures and to promote their welfare in the southeastern United States.

And remember-- whether you see them or not, they are there!